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Frances' first, 1st-edition guidebook, Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti was dubbed "Lonely Planet's best ever" by reviewers and readers and was also nominated for the Travellex-Observer Guidebook of the Year Award. It is still considered a benchmark by the publisher.


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Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti - First Edition

Excerpt of review of Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti.

LP's best! 

5 stars     

By D Swaney (Big Lake, AK USA)

"As a Lonely Planet author, I'd like to echo the words of other reviewers of this book. This is clearly Lonely Planet's best title - the writing is clear, concise and informative, the asides are entertaining, the tone is objective yet engaging, and Frances Linzee Gordon's photos are nothing short of spectacular. Congratulations, Frances - you've produced a winner!"


"Frances is one of the best travel writers out there. She always brings a fresh approach and keen eye, making you feel as if you're on the road with her. She comes up with great new ideas and writes lively, fluid, interesting copy. Experienced and professional, Frances is a top-notch writer you can rely on."

- Sian Lezard, Senior Editor, Insight Guides

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In 2008, Frances was asked to represent Lonely Planet as an author-spokesperson during an important media campaign across Australia. The following are a few testimonials following her TV, radio and bookshop appearances:


Avid Reader Bookshop, Sydney, Australia , on bookshop talk:

"... Frances was a pleasure.  Both Fiona and I think we would have loved her to stay and become our personal friends.  She was delightful.  The customers loved her too... It was the very best slide show I have ever come across.”

- Krissy Kneen & Fiona Stager, bookshop owners


Gleebooks, Sydney, Australia, on bookshop talk:

“… Last night went really well. Despite the weather it was a great turnout - about 80 people. Frances was charming and interesting and everyone loved it…”

- Morgan Smith, Bookshop Manager, Gleebooks


GML Architects, Sydney on travel talk:

"... Everyone said yours was the best talk we’ve ever had.  My Ethiopia book has disappeared to someone’s desk and various bods asked me to pass on their thanks to you - as well as your contact details..."

- Jane Vernon, GML Architects, Sydney


ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia, on radio interview:

"…It was a pleasure to have you on our program. We’d love to do regular segments with you and will be in touch to line up another date soon. Andrew (Daddo) really enjoyed the interview and commented that you have a lovely voice for radio. Your stories were amazing as well..."

- Lindsay Banffy, Evenings Producer 702, ABC



Excerpts following a debate Frances chaired at the Royal Geographical Society, London, with Jonathan Dimbleby and Gus Casely-Hayford:

“… I have never been to an event that provoked such a positive reaction from the audience. You were completely brilliant, chairing, guiding the evening with such style and finesse. It was a great pleasure to be a part of - thank you."

- Gus Casely-Hayford, cultural historian, writer & presenter


“We have been overwhelmed with thanks and congratulations about the evening which was a huge success in large part because of your hard work and incredible chairing skills. Thank you so much for the skillful handling of the speakers and also the audience&"

- Gail Warden, Head of Press, Ethiopian Embassy


“I thought you did a wonderful (and very sensitive) job as chair last night.”

- Alasdair Macleod, Head of Enterprise and Resources, Royal Geographical Society


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